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Key Edges of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Fiber laser cutting machines are the latest type of laser cutting equipment, and has gradually take the place of other similar cutting equipment such as CO2 laser cutting machines and become the mainstream. This is due to some key edges of fiber laser.


Low Costs of Use and Maintenance

① The photoelectric conversion efficiency of fiber laser can reach 30%, which is 3 times as high as CO2 fiber laser and 10 times as YAG. Total power consumption of a fiber laser machine only makes 20%-30% of that of CO2 laser.

② Fiber laser are powered only by electricity and does not need auxiliary gas, saving a considerable amount of costs.

③ Fiber transmission requires no reflective lens, saving maintenance such as parts replacement.


Great Processing Speed

① The max cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machines can reach 10m/min, and the max positioning speed can reach 30m/min, which are twice as fast as CO2 fiber laser cutting machines ( in the same power) and 4-5 times as YAG. That makes fiber laser highly suitable for mass production.

② Once the product blueprint is finished, fiber laser processing can be initiated right away, and you can produce the products in the shortest time.

③ Due to the semiconductor modular and redundant design, there is no optical lens in the resonant cavity, so fiber laser machines can start working without any preparation time.


Favorable Cutting Quality

① The focus spot of fiber laser is much smaller, so the cutting line is thinner and more exquisite.

② Fiber laser head does not contact material, avoiding scratches on the surface.

③ The thinner cutting line makes hot area smaller, which lowers the deformation to the least.

The Application of Laser Cutting in Shipbuilding Industry 2020-05-21

In recent years, laser cutting technology saw a fast development in shipbuilding industry. Steel sheets are the main material for shipbuilding, and laser cutting can replace some die cutting methods using complex large mold, greatly reducing production time and lowering costs.


At present, the main unloading methods for hull sheets are flame cutting, plasma cutting, shearing and laser cutting. Compared with other methods, laser cutting has a lot of advantages. When unloading rib sheets using plasma, trimming margin is set to ensure assembly space, and the trimming is carried out manually, making the processing quality vary. In contrast, laser cutting can help reduce assembly workload, assembly time, material and labor costs.


Steel sheets cut out by laser has high-quality cutting slits, desirable cutting surface verticality. And the cutting surface is smooth and free of slag and thick oxide layer. The finished material needs no following process and can directly go to welding.


The IMTEX FORMING 2020 is just upcoming! We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center.

IMTEX FORMING is a flagship event for the Indian metal forming industry. It is South and South East Asia’s apex exhibition showcasing the latest trends as well as technological refinements from India and other global players. The mega event attracts visitors from a wide spectrum of manufacturing and ancillary industries including key decision and policy makers as well as industry captains who are keen to source latest technologies and manufacturing solutions for their product lines. Bodor will bring the fiber laser cutting machine models, P3015 12KW IPG and F3015 1KW IPG, to the exhibition.

Exhibition name: IMTEX FORMING 2020

Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Center, 10th Mile, Tumkur Main Road , Madavara Post Dasanapura, Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562123

Date: Jan. 23th —28th, 2020

Bodor booth: B104, Hall 4

There will be great discount on site. Welcome to visit BODOR at IMTEX FORMING 2020!

Bodor P4020-6kW Delivery Ceremony to Be Held in Izmir, Turkey Bodor P4020-6KW Teslim Töreni Türkiye

On March 31, 2020, Bodor P4020-6kW Delivery Ceremony will be held in the location of Doar Makina Metal, our client and the machine’s purchaser, to complete our delivery and show the capacity of Bodor P4020 Laser Cutting Machine.

31 Mart 2020 tarhinde, Düzlenecek Bodor P4020-6KW teslim töreni,müşterimiz Doar Makina Metal firmasında olacak. Töreninde Bodor P4020 modeli makina hem teslim edilecek hem de makina kapasitesini gösterilecek.

The ceremony will start with a ribbon cutting session by representatives from both companies. Then there will be a brief introduction about Bodor P4020-6kW. After that the machine will give a cutting show in front of the audience. After the ceremony, dinner party will be held in Hilton Garden Inn.

Tören, Doar ve Bodor’un teslimcilerin kırmızı şeridi kesmekten başlanacak. Ondan sonra Bodor P4020-6KW hakkında tanıtım yapacağız.Tanıtımından sonra müşterlerimize makina kesimi göstereceğiz.En son Hilton Garden Inn otelinde akşam yemeği olacak.

Here we sincerely invite our clients, who are interested in Bodor High-power laser cutting machines, to the ceremony, the cutting show and our dinner party. We believe through this event we can build a stronger bond with our clients and push our cooperation forward to the future.

Yüksek gücü lazer kesim tezgahını da merak ederseniz, haydi buyrun,sizi bu törenine davet ediyoruz, makine kesimi gösterip akşam beraber yemek yiyelim, inşallah töreninden sonra birbirimiz daha çok tanılmış olacak ve geleceğimiz işbirliğimizi daha çok sağlayacak.

BODOR World Tour of METAL&STEEL 2020

February 27-29, 2020, BODOR LASER attended with international partners METAL&STEEL 2020, which was held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center, New Cairo City, Egypt. For this professional exhibition, BODOR LASER carefully prepared and successfully wrapped up its tour with superb-level technology and great performance.


The resounding success of Metal&Steel in the previous years gains it great influence in steel, steel fabrication and metal works industry. In 2020 “The Steel Day” programme will be held to better network sharing in manufacturing industry. We will gain the knowledge to drive our business forward into the future and place our products and services in front of an engaged audience with real buying power.



BODOR took its F3015/1.5kW fiber laser cutting machine to the exhibition. F3015 has great endurance for its cast iron bed, and its auto-focus laser head helps free our hands. Besides, Mango wireless remote control and Bodor Pro 2.0 Operating System make the whole cutting process more delighting.


The exhibition was a great success. BODOR LASER showed its professionalism, state-of-the-art technology and high quality. We appreciated that many visitors came to our booth and laser cutting machine, and some signed contracts after watching the working process of our machine. We also received lots of straightforward praises, and we are proud to show our machine to customers from all over the world. BODOR LASER are always dedicated to providing the best fiber laser cutting machines and related services.

BODOR World Tour of KIAE 2020

BODOR successfully wrapped up its tour to KIAE 2020, which was held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan Province, China from Aug 6 to 9.


Kaohsiung is the largest international commercial port in Taiwan. It is adjacent to large industrial areas and clusters of industries. It attracts domestic and foreign professionals, buyers of related industries and other potential customers. It also brings together the advantages of Kaohsiung’s industrial clusters and welcomes the future of intelligent automation. South Taiwan’s most important industry Trading platform.


BODOR mainly showed F series Single Table Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine F3015 and P series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine P3015 which is with all-around protective covering and double exchange tables. F3015 uses steady cast iron bed, auto focus head with Bodor Lightening technology provides the fastest experience and intelligent operation. P3015 has automatic nozzle changer, which improves processing efficiency;


The exhibition effect was a success! Many visitors came to us and watched machine’s working process. They asked questions and signed contracts. Through this exhibition, it is a matter of pride to show our machines to the customers around the world and get recognition. Bodor laser always dedicates to providing the best machines and service!

Product Post Template

Product Post Template

Pierce Monitor

New generation of intelligent perforation technology


Significantly reduce perforation time, average perforation time of medium & thick plate is reduced to 4s.

average perforation time of medium & thick plate is reduced to 4s.


Avoid blasting holes and avoid the failure of sheet overheating for prolonged perforation.


The system automatically matches perforation parameters which ensures the consistency of perforation parameters in continuous perforation process without repeatedly modification.


Laser abnormality identification & intelligent alarm, provides protection when the laser light is abnormal.

Application Scope

Equipment Power: 6KW-20KW (IPG,MAX)
Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel;
Thickness: 20-50mm

Pyramid Crossbeam

Use aviation grade aluminum alloy. The whole pyramid stable structure is anti-twist, anti-overturning and owns the best mechanical properties.


Hive-type cavity design can separate internal and external stress effectively.


The dense structure of ultra-high pressure plasticity production raises strength into a high level, achieves the lightest weight with best rigidity, ensures high speed and high accuracy.

Automatic Obstacle Avoidance

The ACC in laser cutting industry

Intelligent anti-collision

360°degree radar system will foresee and detect any obstacles,enabling Z axis with a high-speed to immediately avoid obstacles in case of collision.

Avoid blasting holes and avoid the failure of sheet overheating for prolonged perforation.

More efficiency, less cost

Lower damage rate of laser head,reduces customer’s maintenance cost accordingly,so as to prolong cutter’s service life.
Avoid the production halt caused by collision,ensure continuous production.

Unbounded Cutting

Process for Cutting Leftover Material


Only need to press one button to start, sparing the need for repeated adjustments,
reducing operating difficulty and making cutting convenient and practical.


After checking the box on the interface, you can start leftover material cutting process,
reducing material waste and overall cost.


Six plans (as shown in the pictures) are offered to help all kinds of plate cutting,
once again upgrading our machines’ practicability.

Vortex Start

Slag Treatment Process during Perforated Cutting of Thick Plates


Smartly choose vortex process according to the material and its thickness, sparing the need for repeated adjustments and reducing operating difficulty.


Remove the slag produced during perforation to the greatest extent, making sure that the cutting edges are smooth and intact.


Greatly improve stability of cutting follower, and prolong service life of nozzle and ceramic ring.

Ultra High Speed

200m/min linkage speed, 4G linkage acceleration and Z axis response speed is speedy and efficient, reduces use cost



Flash Positioning

1-3s to complete edge searching and positioning, 6 times as fast as capacitance edge searching.


Ultimate Precision

Apply smart sensor system to achieve ±1.0mm comprehensive positioning precision and 0.1mm max cutting precision, improving both material usage rate and product passing rate.


Safety and Reliability

Use digital processing to avoid the risk of probing collision of the following module, guaranteeing the safety.


High Applicability

Widen the application situations, suitable for not only standard rectangle sheets but multiple sheet shapes.

Bodor Cutting V3.0

200m/min linkage speed, 4G linkage acceleration and Z axis response speed is speedy and efficient, reduces use cost

Carbon Steel Oxygen Fast Cutting (COF)

Thick plate cutting realizes to doubles the speed while ensuring the cutting quality.

Carbon Steel Economic Fast Cutting (CEF)

At a specific power, cutting cost is only 10% of nitrogen cutting and creates more economic value for clients.

Low Nitrogen Pressure Fast Cutting (LNF)

The nitrogen pressure reduces to 4Bar during cutting the 10mm stainless steel, its speed improves at least 10% than common cutting.

Matched with High-End CNC System to realize the minutely control
Realizing high-speed and high-precision cutting.

Automatic Nozzle Changer

Adopting abundant and accurate control system can realize automatic replacement of nozzles according to different materials and thicknesses, saving manual replacement time and improving processing efficiency, smart and convenient; Newest automatic calibration and cleaning functions can achieve fully automatic laser head calibration and nozzle cleaning, reducing the repetitive manual work; High-precision drive system provides a reliable replacement precision and stability to ensure that every replacement can be perfectly safe. Fully enclosed protection of the whole part improves the safety of parts and personal.

Automatic Nozzle Changer

Adopting abundant and accurate control system can realize automatic replacement of nozzles according to different materials and thicknesses, saving manual replacement time and improving processing efficiency, smart and convenient; Newest automatic calibration and cleaning functions can achieve fully automatic laser head calibration and nozzle cleaning, reducing the repetitive manual work; High-precision drive system provides a reliable replacement precision and stability to ensure that every replacement can be perfectly safe. Fully enclosed protection of the whole part improves the safety of parts and personal.

Excellent Configuration

German Rexroth Motor Driver

PRECITEC Auto Focus Laser Head

Germany Rexroth Guideway

Germany Atlanta High Precision Rack

Germany Stober Decelerator

Japan SMC Electric Proportional Valve

Appearance Design

Aesthetics was introduced to industrial ID, perfect combination of technology and aesthetics


The UI design lets display respond to processing table, making processing more intuitive. Meeting the certification standards of CE and FDA, fully enclosed design and strong exhaust system realize zero pollution to environment, laser protection glass realizes zero harm to human eyes. Built-in 1080P HD camera takes machining process in a glance. One button WiFi remote control, time-saving and high efficient. Surrounded by baking paint silver decoration,coordinated with diamond cutting tempered glass and alpine white sheet metal design, the international design of the machine is accepted by global consumer groups. Bright strip warning system will remind process of machine tool all the time.


The heavy bed makes the equipment more stable in working, the light crossbeam makes it work faster; perfect industrial design is more in line with man-machine engineering; high quality electrical software control system gives equipment higher cutting precision. The machine owns more comfortable operation, more stable performance, more durable quality, higher cutting efficiency and wider application scope.

Intelligent Travel Protection
Automatically monitor operation range of crossbeam and cutting parts, keeping operation within machining range. Double guarantees of fixed limitation greatly improve equipment and personal safety, minimizing the using risks.

Automatic Lubrication System
Automatic lubrication system provides timing and ration lubricating oil for equipment to ensure its normal and high speed operation, and owns functions of abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm. The system greatly enhances cutting accuracy and effectively extends service life of transmission mechanism.

A new generation of safety following module
Laser head keeping distance with work piece in cutting process can reduce collision risks. It will stop cutting when colliding plate. The safety following module reduces accident rate and improves cutting performance.

Intelligent Alarm System
The system will start full abnormal alarm and push it to the interface through control center when equipment is abnormal. Finding equipment abnormal in advance and reducing hidden dangers can multiply improve the equipment’s troubleshooting efficiency.

Ultrafast Stepless Perforation
Ultrafast stepless perforation, significantly reduces perforation time by 75%. The rate of abandoned hole is reduced to 2‰ from 5%. Stable starting point and following-up, high precision, less slag. Save time and electricity, improve material utilization and reduce damage to device. Check to enter the mode, saving debugging time and no technical threshold to users.

Cutting Samples

Appearance Design

The equipment meets the parts processing requirements of most industries, working accuracy is stable. At presen

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    BODOR leads the laser cutting market into the era of 10000W

    With the continuous transformation and upgrading of the global manufacturing industry, the golden age of the laser cutting industry, which closely related to it, is coming. The market size of laser cutting processing is getting larger and larger. Only if the company masters the innovative and efficient key technology, can it stand out in the fierce market competition. To meet the market demand, many laser companies began to produce high-power laser cutting machines over 10,000-watt. But not all company have the ability to produce “stable, consistent quality” high-power products.

    Bodor Laser has been focusing on laser cutting single category for more than ten years, constantly reaching a new peak in technology, and becoming a forerunner in the ultra-high-power field of the global laser cutting industry. Bodor has an authoritative R&D center, with more than 200 top R&D personnel, 2 core R&D centers, and 10 subdivision platforms. It is led by General manager Mr. Yang Xuguang, the leader of the laser industry of the national scientific research institute and the drafter of the national standard for CNC machine cutting machines. Bodor has achieved the top level in the industry in the production and manufacturing of over 10,000-watt high-power equipment, with excellent product performance and consistent quality.

    In March 2019, Bodor Laser held a new product launch conference in Jinan, China, and officially released the S-series 25000W ultra-high-power laser cutting machine. In September of the same year, Bodor launched the S series 30000W ultra high-power laser cutting machine at the 21st China International Industry Fair held in Shanghai.


    Bodor Laser’s S-series Ultra-High-Power cutting product

    Bodor’s over 10000-watt laser cutting machines are equipped with the industry’s top intelligent CNC system, strong computing power, fast response speed, high compatibility, highly intelligent system, realizing the super stability and consistency in continuous cutting at rated power. Its cast iron bed can work 50 years without deformation.


    The laser industry‘s unique pearlite gray cast iron bed

    Bodor laser’s products help customers quickly improve production efficiency and the cutting quality, and help them expand more business and seize more market share. Up to June, Bodor Laser’s 10,000-watt laser cutting product sales exceeded 150 sets, leading the global metal laser processing industry to enter a new era. Bodor Laser has become the first choice and the most trusted brand for customers who are seeking for cutting machines over 10000-watt.


    Global Debut! The New Product Release Press Conference of Bodor Laser 40kW got a complete success.

    On September 4th, Bodor Laser 40kW ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine made its global debut at the Bodor Laser Innovation and Research Center, in order to define the future pioneering posture and achieve a new high point in the laser cutting industry. Over the years, Bodor Laser has always been at the forefront of the industry with its strong R & D capability. Now, the world’s first 40kW laser cutting machine has been unveiled, redefining laser cutting.


    Government, association and other relevant leaders and dozens of authoritative media, such as CCTV, People’s Daily Online, Xinhua,, Sina, Tencent, Baidu, Phoenix New Media, Toutiao, NetEase, IQIYI, Youku, Volkswagen Daily, Qilu Evening News, Volkswagen, Shandong TV Station, Laser Manufacturer Information and Optoelectronics attended the conference on the spot. At the same time, Bodor Laser used cloud live broadcast to broadcast live events to customers who pay attention to the laser industry around the world, attracting nearly one million online viewers.



    At the press conference site, Mr. Yang Xuguang, General Manager of Bodor Laser Research and Development, solemnly presented the new products for people and demonstrated the 40kW cutting process on the spot. The ability of 40kW laser cutting breaks through the bottleneck of cutting thickness and creates new standards. With the all-round upgrading of cutting thickness, cutting accuracy and cutting speed, Bodor Laser 40kW makes more laser applications a reality and becomes a new benchmark in the laser cutting industry. The maximum cutting thickness of Bodor Laser 40kW can reach 200mm, and the industry skyline is 10 times in 5 years (Note: In 2015, the first year of high power cutting in China, 6000W began to be sold in bulk, and the maximum cutting thickness was 20mm. ). The comprehensive processing efficiency of Bodor Laser 40kW is increased by 50%- 80%, the cutting of 20mm carbon steel can reach 6m/min and 30mm carbon steel can reach 2.4m/min. In addition, the Bodor Laser 40kW has exclusive functions such as “automatic compensation for overheating of thick plate”, “intelligent overspeed piercing”, “enhanced mesa, protection + efficient dust removal” and so on.


    Bodor Laser insists on focusing on the field of laser cutting machines, based on innovation, technology-based and service-oriented, and provides the most reliable laser cutting solution for tens of millions of metal processing enterprises around the world, helping new and old users win the first opportunity in the process of global industrial upgrading and transformation of new and old kinetic energy. Speak for Chinese brands all over the world! Become the “light of China”!

    Bodor Laser has been carrying out the great mission of “Let laser technology change human life”. It is always user-centered, free of distractions, strong and forward. With the vision and pattern of the future, the global market-oriented ecological organization has been established. Strengthen the strategic direction of the market, attach great importance to cutting application experience, and build an ecosystem of “win-win, sharing and symbiosis”with users.

    In 2019, Bodor Laser completed its 25kW and 30kW global debut, becoming a weather vane for ultra-high power laser applications in the industry. Today, we are gathered here to witness once again the global debut of Bodor Laser 40kW and the rise of China’s intelligent manufacturing power. As the saying goes, what ordinary people can imagine, there must be someone who can realize it.


    40kW can make laser cutting technology improve a big step as a whole, break more limitations of laser cutting processing, and make laser processing have a more extensive use scene. What users can experience is not only that they can cut thicker, but also that they can cut faster, more finely, better and more cheaply, and help enterprises improve efficiency, reduce more costs, and expand a wider market.

    At present, the sales volume of Bodor Laser 10kW products has exceeded 200 sets, and the sales volume of 20kW products has also exceeded 20 sets. The first batch of 30kW customers in the world have also officially signed the contract and 40kW products have completed their global debut. Above the peak, Bodor Laser continues to “excite” the imagination, redefining laser cutting!

    It takes a strong ability to move forward to lead the world. Bodor Laser will take the 40kW global debut as the starting point, start a new round of technological revolution, apply laser technology to a wider range of fields, and enable tens of thousands of manufacturing enterprises to transform and upgrade! Create more and greater value for global metal processing enterprises.